Can foreigners get a credit card in Taiwan?


Yes. Yes it would.


The same bank for Costco card. You get one, get them all.

Only one I am missing is the one with Jeremy Lin.


I got mine at Costco, thanks to this thread. No guarantor needed, but I had to have my three months payment stubs. 100k limit but at 15% is pretty high.

Now I was wondering, doesn’t android pay or Samsung pay work with this card? It doesn’t work for me. Anyone?


Congratulations! The 15% is high (same terms they gave me), just make sure to pay it off every month and it doesn’t matter.

Cathay joined Android Pay and Samsung Pay…except for the Costco card. :frowning:



Thanks for the info. I was hoping it would work on my note 8, but I’ll still take the card. It’s nice to know I have some form of a credit card after five years of paying cash for everything.


Please also note that this is the time of annual sales for the department stores. That means extra discounts and a gift with your purchase, gift depends on the credit card used.

Shopping, lalalalala! :shopping::happyrunningaround:


Mine was 15% at first but every few months they pull another credit report and the interest will vary, eventually some of my cards went to 5% which is great. I guess it judges your creditworthiness over time

Costco only gave me 50k limit but then again they didn’t want to give me anything at first. Plus I never charge over 50k in a sitting


Where is this Costco where the Cathay only asks for 3 months pay-stubs?? I will try there.


This was in Tainan Costco


How did you play it? Did they offer you an app? Did you ask? Were you initially denied even an app?

Maybe they changed their policy. After I whined to Costco, Cathay hit me with the refs I mentioned above.


The Costco card gives you points which can be redeemed at Costco during August and September. During those months, they ask at checkout if you want to use the points you have accumulated and they just deduct it right there at the register.


Actually, they first just flat out denied me but I mentioned that all my foreign colleagues have gotten a card from you and they gave in. I showed my ARC and my prepared pay stubs and that was it.


Oh, that explains it! At the register back in September, I heard some kind of a 扣 in there, and I shrugged and replied 要扣, having no idea what I was getting into, and next thing I knew I had a small reduction in the price and no more points when the next credit card bill came around. I wondered why they only offered it to me that one time.

Is that an efficient use of points? Not that I accumulate much of them … I only had 140 or so.

Re: other points: I’ve accumulated plenty of points with a Citibank card over the years, and they’ve contributed to free airline tickets or upgrades. So if you’ve got a card, yes, you’re absolutely eligible for the perks. But my wife helped me get that card, and I have no idea if her help was just translation, or if there was also a bunch of co-signing and guarantor stuff.


AFAIK, that is the only available use of the points accumulated with the Costco/Cathay joint credit card.

You get the most points from using your card at Costco. You’ll get half the points when using it outside of Costco.

They had some promotion going on, not sure if it still is, where you would get even more points when using the card at gas stations.

Now that I finally have a TW credit card, I just use it everywhere I can in order to get the points. I’ll always be buying stuff from Costco anyhow and I just pay the card off every month.

Those cards will be some sort of “Mileage Plus” cards where they are specifically for that perk. Most banks will have different credit cards with different perks and people can choose which card has the perk which is most beneficial to them.


OK, thanks. I had the impression I was accumulating points to help pay for membership - not sure where I had that idea.

On half points outside Costco: yup, that’s why I only use that card in Costco. The Citibank mileage one gets used everywhere else. Oh, and last time I checked, the Cathay/Costco one can use Apple Pay, and the Citibank one can’t, but I think I used Apple Pay once to see if it’d work and then never tried it again.


Yeah, I would definitely use the Citibank mileage card outside of Costco…if I had one. :frowning:

Not sure about Apple Pay, but the Cathay/Costco card does not work with Android Pay nor Samsung Pay. Though, other Cathay cards do work with those services.


When you buy stuff, ask which card is better at that moment, in terms of gifts, discounts or money back. I got like 3000 NTD money back in my last purchase of a fridge and Cathay Sogo like 300 NTD in a barely over 1000 NTD supermarket purchase.

Sales offers vary, so that is why we have several of the same company.

For instance, I cannot have Taishin so that rules out using a card at PX Mart? Nope, because I can use my Chinatrust S card.


I wonder if Taishin still needs a cosigner for foreigners? Their link on how foreigners can apply no longer mentions this requirement

Although it does say “need to apply according to taishin regulation”


As far as I know, yes.

Friggin hoarders!