Can I and do I need to change my ARC to work while doing my masters degree?

So, I am a master student and i am in my last semester. I finished all credits classes and only thesis is left so I dont need to go and take classes anymore and thus I am mostly free. Now, A company wants to hire me and they already applied for my work permit because I had previous two year work experience and a bachelors degree so I gave them all the required documents. The company is okay that I have my thesis left. My ARC will expire in February next year.
Now, I am very confused. Like, If i join the company, then can I still complete my thesis and get graduated?
Second, if I join the company now, then do i need to change my ARC to work ARC right now? or after the current ARC expires?
I do not want to do anything against the rules, so please help me in this matter.

The below is iiuc. I’d recommend to call to relevant authorities, such as NIA and WDA, or consult with OIS of your school.

If the company allows it, it will be OK.

yes, if you will work more than 20hr per week. If it will not exceed 20 hrs, you can work with a student work permit on your student ARC.