Can I attend a different school listed on my Visitor visa?

Hello, I recently obtained my Visitor Visa to study in Taiwan. I was planning on attending Tung Hai university, but I want to change my school due to costs and mostly, proximity of where I will be living. My Visa has Tung Hai listed on the remarks. I am wondering if this will be an issue when I either, enter my other school(NTCU) and/or apply for an extension? Doesn’t seem like an issue, but wondering if there is any experience out there dealing with this.

My reply might be a bit late, but I’ve just gone through the same thing (NCHU to FCU). If you’re not interested in getting an ARC later, there is no problem with getting an extension with a different school to that shown on your visa. You need to bring the enrollment certificate and attendance records of your new school when you go to the NIA.