Can I avoid some hours of overstay in the airport?

Hi, I have a problem. I was waiting for a working permit but I wasn’t succesfull because my degree didn’t have the stamp of the overseas Taiwanese office. Well, the problem is that after I learned the bad news I went to my ticket’s airline to book a flight, but all the flights were already booked until the day my visa was to expire.

However, the following day’s flight had available seats, and the flight is scheduled for 7:45 AM.

Do you know if it is possible to pass through immigration control on Monday before 12:00 midnight, and wait inside the airport all the night to catch a Tuesday morning flight to avoid overstaying?

I don’t want to overstay.


Go to the immigration office and tell them what the problem is … they’ll probably extend your stay by a day …

[quote=“jaimes759”]Do you know if it is possible to pass the inmigration section on monday before 12, and wait inside the airport all the night to avoid overstaying.
I don’t want to overstay.

I doubt it - I don’t think they would issue a boarding pass so far ahead, though I don’t know how online check-in works. I suppose if you have a “vip” card with the airline, they might let you check in at one of their “universal” counters. I suspect the immigration guys on the door might not let you through.

Really I’m just guessing - see what others say.

Perhaps they can comment on this idea too: Go hand luggage only. Buy a fully flexible ticket (eg business class). They remain refundable if you don’t take the flight - even if you have checked in (though you might need to double check). So use that to check-in the day before. Go through immigration and then tell the airline you don’t intend to take the flight. Go to the transfer desk and check-in for your 7.45 flight - though you might have to return the next morning. By the way, I know it ISN’T possible to use the flexible ticket thing to do a visa run without leaving Taiwan at all.

All sounds dodgy anyway. Where are you going? Could you stump up the extra for business class to HK or whereever it is? Often the price isn’t so crazy - just people don’t think to ask and agents don’t think to offer. Its perfectly possible just to do one sector in C - eg if going Europe with SQ, fly TPE/SIN in C and the rest in Y. You don’t have to do the whole trip in C.

No need, just do what the Belgian pie man says. They might be pricks, but they’re not farkin’ pricks.


I got an extension when I had a similar problem.

[quote=“Stray Dog”]I got an extension when I had a similar problem.[/quote] :offtopic:

Another possibility is to try to fly standby the day before. Even fully booked flights often end up with a few seats unclaimed at departure time. As long as the flight isn’t overbooked then you should have a good chance if you show up early and get on the waiting list that you’ll get a seat. If there’s anyone still not checked in 20 minutes before, they’ll give you a seat and walk you through immigration and straight to the plane.

Though yeah, a one day extension to your visa probably won’t be a problem, especially if you already have a ticket.

THanks for your tips,Im happier now because someone cancelled a flight next monday and now I’m not going to overstay, anyway I think someone else could have this kind of problem and the tips are going to be there.
Now to work some months in my country and come back…