Can I book 2 plane tickets at the same time?

I plan to be travelling to LA for Chinese New Years. None of the travel agencies have prices for CNY right now. There are many ways to get there with many different airlines. I want to book now because I need to leave on a certain day, but I don’t want to be screwed on the prices so I want to try booking through 2 different agencies.

Q: Can I book different flights with different agencies with the same departure and return dates?
Meaning: Can I book with Airline 1 through Agency A as well as booking with Airline 2 through Agency B?

Yes, they can “reserve” for you. However, when I did that with eztravel, they screwed me big time. They “cancelled” their reserved ticket way prior to when I was supposed to pay. I ended up having to buy from someone else and paying slightly more.

Usually, the agencies will tell you when you need to pay by to “hold” that reservation.

EDIT: when it comes down to pay, there can only be one agency of record. However, you can have two agencies reserve tickets for you, even on the same airline. When you’re ready to pay, you need to cancel one.

Thanks Man.
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