Can I bring my hamster?

Sorry, this may seem so petty, but I feel like I absolutely cannot leave my little dwarf hammy Kiwi in the States because he’s kind of hard to care for (he’s really crabby and bites easily) and I don’t want to donate him on Craigslist for fear of him becoming snake food. My parents won’t take care of him either.

I’m heading to Taiwan in a about 5 weeks.

Any advice? Is this even possible? Or are cats and dogs the only animals allowed into Taiwan and accepted provided the right paperwork, quarantine, etc.?


That sounds imposable. You would need to get FULL rabies vacinatins and then leave him in Quarenteen for 2 to 6 months! (1 month, but only get in when they have room. The rest of the time is stuck n the baggage room at the airport.) They are only set up for dogs and some cats.

I had to leave my cat. To much trouble. :frowning:

I’d bet you could just bring him in and play dumb. He’d fit into your carry on…in a small box or something. I’ve never had them check my bags…ever. And the majority of English Teachers I know look like drug dealers…and they don’t get searched either. Just stick it in a box…worst case scenario They ask you to quarantine it when it gets here.

There are other people on this forum who have flown with a cat as carry on in a box…so it’s not illegal to bring animals onto planes.

Worst-case scenario they confiscate it and kill it.

My advice - find some other caring person to adopt it in the States.

<== using utmost restraint in not going for the gerbil jokes.

Yeah me too. I was going to suggest hiding it “somewhere” to sneak it into the country but I decided against it.

I really am trying to behave. :frowning:

Small animals tend to die on aeroplanes. Most airlines won’t transport a rabbit, even in the cabin. That’s what BA and BM told me anyway.

…Richard Gere…sorry…

Yeah, but they run your hand baggage through an x-ray machine when you board.

Yeah, but they run your hand baggage through an x-ray machine when you board.[/quote]

I forget about that at first. But like I said already it’s legal to bring animals onto planes…or so one would assume as there are other posts on here talking about bringing cats on planes as carry on.