Can I extend a non-extendable visitors visa by 1 day?

I accidentally booked (non-refundable) plane tickets that would make me overstay my 60-day Visitor visa by 1 day. The plane leaves in 5 days. My visitor visa says “NO EXTENSIONS”. I’m trying to figure out my options, this is what I’ve come up with so far.

  1. Call jetstar and have them transfer my purchase to another earlier flight (I’m on hold with them right now…)

  2. Get a visa extension of 1 day

  3. Buy an earlier ticket, and throw $450 US in the trash

  4. Go to the airport, pay the $1000 NT fine and hope I don’t get denied re-entry. (I will burn $450 before I’ll go through this ordeal)

So, is it possible to get a visa extension of just 1 day in my circumstances? I saw in another forumosa thread someone was able to do this. How difficult/easy would that be? Would taking along a Taiwanese friend help?

NOpe not one day. If you miss the bus by one minute you still missed the bus, thats their attitude.

Dont overstay ur visa. U be better off going in at close of the day and staying in the airport (after checkin) overnite (if thats possible).

You better change ur flight.

Thanks for the reply… maybe someone will have a second opinion.

maybe get your butt post haste down to visa orifice tomorrow and plead insanity or something? maybe they will relent. just dont hold your breath.

you dont want to lose your ability to enter visa exempt for one year.

unless u can overcome that by getting a multi entry 60 day tourist visa before coming back in.

I was late for a day at the airport and stopped from going out. No way were they letting me go in. And they wouldnt let me pay a fine either. I had to bring my two cats and my suitcases and all that back to Taipei and visit the foreign affairs police in person (and i got sent to the tax office as well).

Yikes, that sounds awful. I was able to get the departure flight changed to 2 days earlier, so it’s all good now. Thanks for the help.

good job ! bon voyage

Why would anyone’s opinion matter? It’s not a question of opinion, but of fact. I mean, if someone from this forum said: “Yeah, sure, you can extend a non-extendable visa.”, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Are you gonna tell the immigration officer at the airport: “Yeah, but ‘butthead’ from Forumosa said I could do it.”?

You want permission to overstay, ask an official, not members from some random Internet forum. As tommy525 suggested, you could go to the NIA and ask them, and if they say yes, then make sure they stamp it in your passport. If not, leave on time.

Not sure if passing through exit immigration the night before your flight would work. That too would be best referred to the proper authorities.