Can I find these crackers in Taipei?

I am looking for these, can I find them in Taipei, if so, where? Thank you!

Provita wholewheat crackers (South Africa)
Ryvita Crackerbread “Original” (UK)
Ry Krisps “Natural” Crackers - Bremner (USA)
Saltine Crackers – Nabisco (USA)
KA-ME Oriental Snacks – “Rice Crunch– Plain”

I’ve seen the Ryvita but sorry, can’t recall where. One of the fancy supermarkets like Breeze, Jason’s or City Super, probably. I’ve seen Nabisco saltines in RTMart before. THe others I don’t know.
But you could also try Ikea – they have some Danish crackers that are very very similar to Ryvita, plus some other cracker-type things.

Thanks man! I’ll go check around.

There’s crackers all over the place around Shida campus. :secret:

Have you tried the organic/health food stores (Cottonfields, etc)? They tend to have healthy-ish crackers, although I don’t remember any of the brands
I also feel like I’ve seen Ryvita, but also don’t remember where. I know, so helpful… :blush:

Looks like a pretty healthy list there. Most of the local crackers have palm oil; may I ask whether you’re trying to avoid that, or is there another particular reason for these brands? Just curious. :idunno:

City Super (at Zhongxiao Fuxing) has Ryvita - just saw 'em there. They have Kavli crackers as well. A few types of each.

I am doing this diet, which I must say is just pretty awesome.

Good to see it’s a balanced eating plan. :thumbsup: For crackers, check out some of the imported (German?) ones at Wellman’s; I’ve seen some very robust, crunchy dark brown whole grain ones there that are low fat and seem consistent with this diet plan. (Watch the expiration dates, though.)

I’m not sure if they’re the same brands, but what you probably want is low-fat, healthy crackers consistent with the idea of the program, rather than a specific brand.

WIth the whole-grain ones you’ll get more fiber, which is important. Saltines are AFAIK made with white flour, and while good when you have an upset stomach and need something mild, aren’t the best choice for your starch. Of course, being low fat, they’re better than many other kinds of snacks.

If you have time and especially if you have a pasta machine, you could also consider making crackers. It’s quite simple, and you get to control the ingredients.