Can I get a 1 year phone contract?

My 1 year phone contract with Chunghua just ended and I wanted a new phone/contract but they say there are no more 1 year contracts with
Chunghua (not Dageda) phones, only 2 years. Is this true? Or do I have to switch to a different company to get a 1 year contract?
I like to change/sell phones every year so I am looking for recent experience with new phone contracts.

Ive never heard of them offering 1 year contracts. I was only ever offered monthly with no phone subsidy or 2 year with subsidy.

With Dageda, I was told they wont even let you go monthly, minimum two year contract to sign up, even if you don’t want a phone.

They had 1 year phone contracts last year. Apparently the phone companies don’t do this anymore? That is what I’m trying to figure out.

FYI. I talked to Dageda. (had Chunghua) They said I can get a 1 yr 3G contract and upgrade to 4G for free. Samsung S5 costs $14,000 on this 1 yr plan. Monthly payments of $1450. Gotta check if Chunghua can meet this.