Can I get a "student" tourist visa for non-Chinese classes?

I’ve been here for almost two months, and my 60 nonextendable visa is about to expire. I am going to Bangkok on June 3 to get a new visa. I am planning in staying in Taiwan a long time. I don’t have a job at an English school and don’t plan on getting one.

My original plan was just to do a visa run every two months, but after looking around some more on this website it seems that it may be hard to get a new 60 day visa if my only reason to return to Taiwan is for tourism. So now I’m thinking that I might sign up to take some classes so that I can be here as a student and only have to leave the country every six months.

The thing is, I don’t really want to take classes since I can already speak Chinese pretty fluently. Would taking some sort of other class count towards being able to get an extendable 60-day visa that allows me to stay 180 days? For instance are there Taiwanese or Hakka language classes I could take, or maybe even Japanese? Also, I read in some other posts about some schools that will just take your tuition and not require you to really go to class, such as CLI, i think it was called. But then in some other posts people were saying there had recently been a crackdown on these schools.

Or am I overlooking something, and I can just stick to my original plan of leaving and getting a new 60 day tourist visa every two months?

Any help would be much appreciated!