Can I get a Taiwan visa in Manila?

I am going to Manila this weekend and wondered if I can get a 60 day Taiwan visa there? If so, anyone know how long it takes …?

It used to be possible but lately I heared disturbing things about Manila’s Taiwan office. They’d only give like 14 days or so and it would take you three days to get it. Don’t know for sure though.

For some years now it’s been the policy of the other representative offices in the region to ‘push’ the visa applications for non-residents to Hong Kong.
Manila used to take a few days about it, and now I think they will only give a visa on a return ticket. Not much use if you’re not planning on going back anytime soon. Ditto for Jakarta and Bangkok. Macao used to refuse visas completely to non-residents.

It’s been a few years since I went anywhere for a visa, but I don’t imagine that it got any easier…

I guess it’s all about the thirty day visa free entry, the government has the idea that this will do for normal tourists and tries to keep backpack teachers out of the country … just my thoughts.

How about in Korea? Can I get a 60 day visa for Taiwan?