Can I get a tax refund if my employer stops deducting tax in July?

Hi… Good evening … , i hope someone can help me…

Here is:
we are Foreign Worker here in TAIWAN… our company deducting us for our TAX start by JANUARY to JUNE… even we are still working here in the company but they stop deducting the tax by JULY… my question is, are we able to refund the tax next year… ?

LAST YEAR JANUARY to JUNE 30 our company deducted our TAX… are we able to get the TAX REFUND this Year? Or do we still have tax refund?. thank you in advance

Hey there. Welcome to the forum. It looks like this may be posted in the wrong forum so the mods might move it to the right place, but I’m happy to try to answer.

Yes, if the company is filing properly and you continue to work, the tax office will determine how much to refund you if you are paying too much. I don’t know what your income is and how much you have paid into the tax so I am not able to comment too much on what you’re supposed to be paying and how much you should receive. I would suggest to keep all records of your tax payments as well so that the government can try to make sure everything is fair. Yes, last year’s income should be this year’s taxes and this year’s income is next year’s taxes.

I apologise if this is a bit vague but hopefully this helps.

It depends on your tax rate. I assume you got the same saraly for each month last year. If your comoany withheld 18 % for first 6 monts (january-june) and your total income is less than 630000, you will get refund. If my calculation is correct.

Try to think of the local tax as two separate events.

(1) 18%, 6%, it doesn’t matter what the number, you’re giving this amount to the government monthly. It’s an interest-free loan from you to them.

(2) In May the gov calculates what you owe them and bills you. Luckily for the government, it’s usually already sitting on all this money you lent them throughout the year.

Taxes are paid once a year.