Can I get a Xiaomi notebook repaired in Taipei?

My friend’s Xiaomi notebook (MacBook clone, bought in China around 4 years ago) doesnt charge. Multiple chargers (USB-C) tried. Battery replaced. No led lights up when plugging the charger into any of the two USB-C ports.

Xiaomi Germany doesn’t want to repair.

Any idea if I could get this repaired for him in Taipei? As far as I can tell Xiaomi doesn’t seem to sell notebook in Taiwan, so I’m afraid getting replacement parts might be hard.

Go to official xiaomi service centres. They can help you. There is one in zhongxiao xingshen station.


Thanks a lot for the replies.

Actually… after opening it, it seems I found the issue it already. It looks to me like a design mistake, where a metal shielding cover shorted a diode that’s part of the USB-C power delivery circuit :doh:

Added a piece of insulating kapton tape, and seems to work again. Waiting for feedback from the owner.


Good to hear you got it fixed. With regards to Xiaomi they seem to be extremely region oriented, I tried to buy a small spare part for a dashcam and they would only sell it to me if I could prove I bought the dashcam in Taiwan within the previous 12 months! I wasn’t asking for a freebie/warranty but to purchase, they wanted to confirm I bought it in Taiwan and not in China/Taobao.

Have you tried to swap the CPU?


Yeah, I heard that’s the issue 9 out of 10 times :rofl:


Damn, still not charging. Will check again. The owner has the schematics, so should be possible to check (and do chip level repair in Taiwan)