Can I get my monthly U.S. Social Security checks in Taipei?

Can I get my monthly U.S. Social Security checks in Taipei?

Right now it is automatically deposited into my checking account in the U.S.

If I move to Taiwan(and no longer have a US bank account), how will I get it?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

why are you getting rid of your US bank account? Just bring your atm card and you can withdraw it from any 7-11 atm.

Yes, keep your bank account in the US…it can be very useful.

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) can provide you with SSA assistance. Go to the AIT American Citizen Services web page.

[quote=“American Institute in Taiwan”]
Social Security Administration (SSA)

There is not a SSA representative in Taiwan. However, all Taiwan residents requiring SSA services can come to AIT for initial applications and inquiries. AIT can provide forms, answer questions regarding Social Security checks, and also act as a disbursing agency for Social Security checks.

AIT forwards all applications to the SSA regional office in Manila for processing. Upon receipt of applications via AIT, the Manila office will correspond directly with the applicant in Taiwan. The Social Security Administration (SSA) in Manila processes claims for retirement, disability and survivor benefits, Social Security number applications, and all post-entitlement issues such as changes of address, non-receipt of checks, and termination of benefits due to death. The Manila SSA office also handles applications for Medicare benefits, and Taiwan residents can make initial application at AIT.

To apply for benefits at AIT, you must make an appointment.

General information is available without appointment at AIT Taipei’s American Citizen Services office Monday through Friday from 3:00 - 3:30.

For more detailed information about Social Security benefits and procedures, , Taiwan residents should contact the Manila Regional SSA Office:

Social Security Division
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Regional Office
American Embassy
1131 Roxas Boulevard
Ermita 0930 Manila
Phone: 63-2-528-6300, extensions 6302, 2621
Fax: 632-522-1514
Email Address:

SSA Forms: Application for a Social Security Number, Replacement Card, or Change of Information on Card (SS-5)

Department of Veteran Affairs
The Department of Veterans Affairs handles survivor claims, educational benefits, and compensation and pension examinations. Claims for benefits must be submitted directly to the VA.[/quote]

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Yes, I decided it’s not worth the trouble… My main problem is that my current U.S. bank
charges US4.50 for every foreign ATM transaction. I’ll just switch to a different bank
and problem solved. :slight_smile:


I believe that you can use any bank routing codes (US or Overseas) for deposits. I would be best here in Taiwan to have a US$ account for the money to be deposited into. ICBC, forgive me, Mega Bank (I hate that name, sounds like something from a comic strip) has US$ accounts. If for some reason it has to be a US bank. Open an account at an HSBC branch in the US. You can then access your account from any HSBC ATM here in Taiwan using their access card to get money (I think that there is a NT$60,000 limit per day). You can also transfer money to a Taiwan bank using HSBC’s online banking.


When I asked, I was told that the checks MUST be deposited into a U.S. bank account but when I checked the SS website. there are some exceptions. Taiwan was not among them. As I understand it, it must be a U.S. or U.S. possession bank. Maybe HSBC has banks in both countries. Same name DOES NOT equal same bank. They are different banks with the same name but affilitated. Are you sure this works? If so, I will make a change of plans.
EDIT: Do you really think the U.S. would send your checks to a bank in Nigeria or Cuba or Iran? I really don’t think so. I know Taiwan is not the same as my examples but I think your statement of the U.S. sending to ANY routing code is erroneous. (but in good faith)