Can I get teacher quialifications in Taiwan?

have been teaching English here for a while, but have no qualifications. I want to upgrade so I can work less & earn more.

Does anyone know - can I take the Teach IELTS qualification, or anything else similar, in Taiwan.

If so, where, how long will it take & how much will it cost.

I hope its possible :smiley:


Paul, British Council (Xin-Yi Sec. 5) often has workshops for teachers. Many of these are aimed at local High School teachers, but may still be of use.

Upcoming topics are storytelling (14th Aug) and Project work (20th Aug). If you’re interested, call or come in to register (sessions are free). In terms of IELTS, the best way to improve your effectiveness, if you’re not already, may be to become an IELTS examiner. Cambridge is currently looking to recruit new examiners. Again, call or come in to find out more.

All the best.

I don’t think qualifications like the ones you’re considering will give you significantly more earning power in Taiwan, at least not from what I’ve heard, so you might want to rethink that aspect.