Can I open my own Business?

I just got married here, and someone suggested that I open up my own small business rather than teach english.

What type of documents or Visas do I need to open up a small food business. I just got married and the last thing I want to happen to me is get busted and deported. Thankyou.


What kind of visa do you have right now?

If you have the JFRV it is possible. I own a lighting store with my wife and it is registered in both of our names. Not sure about in your name only. Several people on this site are small business owners. Also ML Mclean, who is also on this site, specializes in this sort of thing. Maybe you could send him a PM and get the best answer.

Good luck and welcome to Forumosa.

I had a street food stall for about a year. Never had problems. I ran it with my wife. We just pushed out in front of our house in the evenings on Saturday and Sunday. Business got pretty good but I had to shut it down when my work got in the way.

As long as you have the Marriage Visa I believe your pretty safe. Maybe only a fine if you do something wrong.

The best thing is to go for your (JFRV) Resident visa and ARC first, you need that to be able to work … if you start your own business it doesn’t give you an automatic right to work for it … you need to prove that it can’t operate without you and therefor you need to get a workpermit and ARC …

You’re married to a Taiwanese citizen, go for your JFRV and ARC … makes life easier … don’t try to cut corners, it doesn’t work that way.