Can I save eee PC by somehow turning it into a dumb terminal to run main computer?

Do to a dramatic loss of income due to illness I can’t afford to replace the computer. Not that I enjoyed replacing computers anyhow.

We have a decent PC upstairs but downstairs we have an eeePC attached to the TV which we use for playing family movies and teaching.
In the beginning it was good. But then it could no longer run windows. Windows kept expanding. At your recommendation we switched to linux. It worked great.
Though it plays multimedia files fine, now the web apps are starting to act constipated. Once the page comes up, I’m ok. but loading new pages is starting to grind on me Students don’t appreciate the wait either.
I also cannot play multimedia educational programs on it. I guess it is because I don’t have the resources to run wine the other support software.
So the decent computer is upstairs. I was wondering if there was a way to use the computer upstairs to run the programs and games yet play them down stairs.
An other alternative is that if anyone has a computer in the Kaohsiung Pingtung area that still has enough muscle but feel that they can’t make that much money selling it, I’ll take donations. I’ve given my share of old computers away. OK,
I could move the desktop downstairs but I’d rather only the I touch it and a big screen TV is not very pleasant to use for writing. Thanks.
So… 1: I good terminal program if such a thing exists or 2 A cheap or free computer. Thanks.

If a cheap media server is all you need, you might consider getting a raspberry pi or similar development boards. You have to be aware that these boards uses ARM based CPU so you need ARM software images instead of x86 or x86-64. Other than that, it’s the same old Linux.

A detailed example of how to set that up.

Thanks for the reply. I may consider a server but I’m happy with my Windows 10 computer upstairs acting as the server. It is also the computer I type on.

I’m really looking for a terminal to use the processing power of my main computer upstairs to run the web, play the educational flash based programs and what not.
I basically want to run my upstairs computer remotely if that is possible.
I should buy a new computer but that is impossible right now.


You can mirror your upstairs desktop screen to your TV. Your desktop needs to have a wireless card of some sort. You’re pretty much plugging in Chromecast to your TV as a wireless receiver.

It’s about a 1400-1800NT investment. If you have friends overseas (in the states), you can probably get it for around 30USD when it’s on sale.

I can’t guarantee this will give you a super clear screen on your TV because it depends on how well the two units’ WIFI connection is, but it’s a much much cheaper solution than a new PC.