Can I stay NWHOR for as long as I want?

So I’m eligible to naturalize (spouse route) soon and I’ve already passed the Chinese exam and got everything ready. Last month I found out they are changing the mandatory military service to 1 year, which I can’t do since I have a kid. However, I still want to reach at least NWHOR level so my company and future companies who hire me won’t tax withhold 18%.

My question is, as long as I renounce my original citizenship (I can get it back) can I stay as a NWHOR until I’m too old to serve in the military? Would be like 10 years for me.


No. You get one year to renounce and then they revoke. You can extend it one more year max.

But. You have a kid… so… perhaps that may offer an exemption? Not sure.

I can renounce straight away, that’s no problem

Then once I’ve submitted to Taiwan Gov. that I’ve renounced I can get my British citizenship back

I mean to renounce your UK.

Yeah yeah, I can renounce that straight away

After I get NWHOR I can apply for it back

Yea. I mean. The maximum time you can be nwohr is 2 years in this case.

Or they revoke your taiwanese.

Even after I renounce my British citizenship?

I want to know if I can stay as NWHOR for 10+ years after I renounce my British citizenship

Good question.

I just guess youll get your hhr.

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I know I can wait at least 5 years because one of the options for getting HHR through this route is 5 years of residency with X number of days in Taiwan each year, but not sure what happens if it takes me longer than 5 years to do it. Ideally it’d take me 12 years.

Continuous residence for 1 year; or 2 years of residence and more than 270 days of residence per year; or 5 years of residence and more than 183 days of residence per year.

Just not sure if I am allowed to take longer than 5 years.