Can I Study in Taiwan while working with Multiple Entry Working Visa

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been looking for an aswer quite long time for this concern and still my concern is unanswered. Please help to feedback if you have an experience or inputs about it (you can also help to share any sited law or rule in Taiwan is highly appreciated!)

Im currently working as an engineering in a semicoductor company with Multiple Entry Working Visa. My concern is, if I can take a masters degree while im working in Taiwan. Been searching for it but the blogs i have been seeing is all about students who wants to have a part time job.
Appreciate your help~ Thanks yah all!!!

legally, you can if you are not a blue collar worker. the real question is if your employer would allow you. you can also contact the school you’re interested to study in and ask them for more specific requirements.

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Yes, you can study while on a work visa/permit as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work hours. You’re not making any income while studying so it’s fine.

What exactly is this? The work permit is usually separate from the visa.