Can I study PhD and work full-time in Taiwan?

Can I study PhD in Taiwan while working fulltime in a company?

because I study about computer science and I don’t have to go to university every day. Then I will go to work.
which ARC I have to apply? either work ARC or student ARC?

Moreover, Can I apply for a student work permit too?
Incase, I receive money from any research project.

I’m guessing you can study on a work visa but not work on a study visa. Quick google search finds that you can apply for a work permit while studying, but I don’t know how common that is.
Immigration office is probably the best place to find out:

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If you already hold an A(P)RC, or if you are a citizen, no problem, you can work full time and also study. You’d be a free agent at that point.

If not, the answer is “no,” as you’ll be here on a student visa, not a work visa that would enable full-time work.


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With a student work permit, you can work part-time, plus full-time during breaks from your studies (iirc).

If the work in question is necessary for your study program (課程實習或研修行為), it shouldn’t require a work permit. See here: