Can I teach English with an APRC being French?

Hi,I am French as my name states,I have been married for the past 3 years and have an APRC.

I would love to know wether or not I am able to teach English.
Taiwanese citizens can so I think I can too.

Any help would be nice, thanks for reading and a thousand for any help on this matter.

Frenchy the Frenchman…


Great question. You may not like the answer though.

Legally, the answer is yes you can under Article 51 of the Employment Services Act.

In practice, you may have problems. The local education authorities in some areas (Kaohsiung City) is one, require foreign teachers to have work pemits to teach English, and they will give you only if you are a native speaker from a list of approved countries. They are clearly iignoring the law, but it hasn’t been worth for anyone to challenge them.

In your case, I would show the school the law and your APRC and just go ahead and start working.

Thanks, I’ll just do that as soon as my printer works,