Can i teach with a YMS holiday working visa?

im brittish currently living in taiwan and hold a 1 year YMS holiday working visa. this visa has only been available a couple of months so there is nearly no imformation online. im considering looking for a teaching job. online it says everywhere you cannot get a work permit or teach without a degree. i have no degree BUT have an ARC allowing me to work. does this mean its a bit diferent for me. is the degree mandatory to teach or just to qualify for a work permit?

with that visa you can do any job. There is no further working permit or ARC needed but your working time with each employer is limited to three month.

Actually, UK nationals are exempt from the 3-month rule. And no, the YMS visas do not enable the holder to take any job. They can only take jobs for which no minimum qualifications or licenses are required. The OP isn’t going to be able to teach in the public school system, but there’s nothing to stop him teaching in a buxiban.