Can I transfer to other company while not finish my contract?

Can i transfer to other company while havent not finish my contract ?

Hi, can you be more specific?

I want to transfer to other company but my contract is still not finish . What am i going to do ?

Do you have an agreement from your current employer?

How to change employer before the contract termination date depends on your job type.

If you are a foreign laborer

Foreign laborers are able to transfer to a new employer with the agreement of the original employer

If you are a foreign professional

What is the procedure for a foreign professional who intends to change his/her employer?


Im a filipino . If my current employer agree of it . Is it possible to me to find another company to work with ?

It is possible. The Taiwan News article I linked above is about the transfer.

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I dont need to go back to my country and start over again ?

If I understand correctly, you don’t need to go back to your country. Here is the free hot line to ask about the process.



Even they terminated me . Is it okay for me to transfer ?

Do i need to find a new employer first before asking permission to my current employer for transfering?

You may first want to know if you have one of
the reasons for a migrant worker to be able to request for a transfer of employer.


Thanks sir … i wish it can help me a lot …


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Mam i got another question to ask you … is my employers obligation to give me a release paper if i ask for it ?

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