Can I use old expired ARC?

Just wondering when I want to purchase car, or real estate can I use old expired ARC? before I worked in Taiwan for a year then went back to the states…now I am back staying with relative and thinking about buying car and some land…can I use the old expired ARC? and if I get new one will the number still be the same? I just want to buy car and do some investing…nothing illegal maybe if they ask me where is my current ARC I will just say it’s coming and show them the old one? any advice? thanks


Of course you can’t use an expired document.

I think it depends what you use it for.

I used an expired ARC for a year when I went to the bars and needed ID.

Just because it had expired, it didn’t change my date of birth.

I’ve got another valid one now though.

How many times you gonna post about your expired ARC and ask what you can do with it?

What you want to do and already did is ILLEGAL, just get a new one … you had one before, shouldn’t be too difficult to get a new one … and next time think and be logic before you post about your ARC … :s

not entirely true…

if it was colder here, you could scrape ice off the car windows with it. Or wipe your arse with it at a pinch too I guess.

More to the point, and ignoring whether such things are legal or illegal, they changed the numbering system a couple of years ago, so if the ARC is older than that, the number would probably not fit in the computers anyway.

Ironlady … is Ironfist related to you in anyway?

ok thanks

new ARC number how many numbers r there?

Ironlady and me aren’t related but we are both iron

I think you should just go get your Taiwan ID ironfist.

ya but they need my criminal record or something similar from police station in the states…I ain’t going back for awhile…hmm can I get it online or through a friend?

Yes, you can. You don’t need to go back for that. Someone recently posted his experience in getting one.

EDIT. tienfubin just got one and he talks about it [url=Getting married and applying for JFRV - #37 by tienfubin I think you should PM him and then you can save yourself a load of hassle :slight_smile:


thanks bro!


thanks bro![/quote]

No problems, just promise us your next post would be about getting a Taiwan ID card and not about using old docs eh? :wink:

With all the relatives you got down there, I think it should be a real breeze to get your Taiwan ID. I’d venture should take about a month once you get all your documents in order.

sure I promise.

so around 1 month…thanks I needed to know that too…

but that was for marriage…for us foreigner to get tw citizenship here it’s the same letter eh?

Yes, same documents different purpose. It’d be a lot faster if you were on someone household registration document. DO you know if you are?

nope I ain’t in the household registration…too bad…I will apply through my mom…actually my mom is a good friend with this college’s chairman…in the paper instead of apply through relatives in taiwan you can also use the document that you were hired by the college? like ARC I guess…I wonder which way will be faster…

so after I apply for it…still need to live 1 year to get tw ID…then after I get ID if I want to avoid military service I just leave country every 4 months right?

haha just looked at my tw passport, the entry and exit permit expires on jan 16/2006! I better do this quick heh