Can I work for Uber eats as a foreigner?

@qinqinbaobaojugaogao seems like you’ll be eligible for vaccination.


Just don’t do as the two ‘Panda’ guys I saw at a teashop counter, mask down, chatting and smoking face to face a foot apart. They kind of having their HQ their.


Interesting, I know the article mentioned this but I wonder how they’ll check whether you’re a delivery worker or not. Maybe a paystub? I haven’t gotten a payout yet.

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Hi, i just tried applying last night and got an email back today saying the ARC id i submitted “failed to meet their requirements”. Im hoping its only cause it was a photo of the id, so i sent a scanned version. Did u have trouble with this as well? Did u submit an ARC? Thanks in advance

Are you on an ARC based on a marriage to a Taiwanese citizen? If not, you need to submit additional documents.

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Hi thanks for the reply, im on a student visa ARC and i have a work permit. Would u happen to know where option to submit additional documents is and what they might be?

You should take a photo of them together in a single image.

Hope this make sense.

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Alright il try that thank u

Nope still same results, is there a way i can get in touch with them and ask em what they need from me exactly?

Sorry I was wrong.
You take photos of them separately, and up load together.

If you explore on their site a bit, you will find a page explaining which documents you should send and how the photos should be, in Chinese.

Definitely upload the ARC and the work permit in separate photos, and if I remember correctly it has to be the original, not a scanned version.

Hi thanks for the reply, i just got my sixth failure email. Iv tried exploring but cant find the option to upload multiple files. Im still waiting on my police clearance which is why i havent uploaded it yet. Im thinking it could be they dont accept the ID until everything is uploaded? But cant be positive for sure. Would be nice if they had a rider support line or something

Also im just applying as a bike rider so it would be weird if theyr looking for a drivers license

Instructions how how to upload identity documents for foreigners (including work permit) can be found on Uber’s blog here


Much appreciated! Im sorry i keep asking but would u know how to upload separate files too?

Hi anyone know why they wont accept my ARC ID? I get a reply saying to show proof of work eligibility so i send a photo of my work permit but then they ask for the ID again and it goes on in a cycle. Iv even tried submitting a photo with both ARC and work permit but no bueno. Help please

How do you submit the photos? Can’t you submit them at once by choosing two photos?

No it only allows one photo per submit

Hey, take a photo of your ARC on both sides together with the work permit. File 1: ARC Front side + Work Permit / File 2: ARC backside + Work Permit.

Today it was announced that “外送員” in Taipei and New Taipei City will be included in the 7th priority group for vaccination starting on July 1st. Let’s hope that includes Food Panda and Uber Eats and that I’ll be able to get one as well! I wonder how they’ll verify this, as technically Food Panda and Uber Eats delivery workers aren’t employees.

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