Can I write addresses in English for domestic mail?

I’m looking at instructions: … al_g_1.jsp

but does domestic mail have to be written in chinese?

If so, can someone explain the format to me? … p?ID=17002

city - district
road - section - number
addressee ?

what if I want to put an ATTN, would that go after the addressee? how would I write it?

No, domestic mail does not have to be addressed in Chinese characters.

When writing in English/romanization, the format is basically that of the United States (and probably most other Western countries). For example:

[quote]Chen Zhi-ming
55, Ln 77, Sec. 2, Jinshan S. Rd.
Jinshan, Xinbei 10603[/quote]

As for directing the mail to someone’s attention, that might depend on the English ability of the organization receiving the letter. But just having the person’s name should work fine.

It’s a good idea to go with the 5-digit rather than 3-digit postal code whenever possible, as that reduces the chance of error.