Can my 4-year-old daughter live in Taiwan after I marry my Taiwanese boyfriend?

Can I get my daughter in Philippines when i get married to my Taiwanese fiance??? And how???

my daughter is turning 4 yrs old…because my fiance want to get my daughter when our wedding is done and all the process for staying me with him in taiwan.

What did the Philippine diplomatic representative office tell you? What did the proper Taiwanese authorities tell your husband? Might want to start with asking the public offices involved with the paperwork and legal matters

Could you please try to explain yourself more clearly OP. You are Filipina and and just about to get married to a Taiwanese man correct ? And your daughter is his or from a previous relationship ? What are you saying that you want to do after marriage- travel with your daughter to the Philippines ? What do you mean he wants to “get your daughter” ?

EDIT: I see that you changed your title- I am still confused though …

Yes, this is the simple and straightforward way to find the information you require. Get you fiance to call the NIA. Simple.

yes i am filipina,and my boyfriend is taiwanese…we plan to get married this year…my daughter is a filipino too…she is from my previous relationship…but my fiance want to get my daughter and live with us…i just want to know what is the legal ways???and other informatio

sure, but she can’t get a job.

Why would a 4 year old be looking for a job?

Why would a 4 year old be looking for a job?[/quote]

I would think that the word “sarcasm” springs to mind here. :ponder: :ponder:

my daughter is only 4 years old…my fiance want her to live with us when we are get married and go to school here in taiwan just to have a good education…but my problem is i dont know what offices do i go for the requirements or anything else matters…

Call this number: 0800-088-885. It’s the National Immigration Agency’s service line for foreign spouses.

And please let us know what they tell you.

I will repeat myself. Get your fiance to call the NIA (National Immigration Authority).

You could also call them as they speak English.

This is the simple way of getting the correct information.

Alternatively, you can continue to post on this forum until your daughter is 25.

Taiwan office in Manila

Office hours for the consular affairs: Monday – Friday 08:45 – 16:45,(morning: filing, afternoon: releasing) noon break 11:45 – 13:45
Address: 41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1200, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (63-2) 8876688
Fax: (63-2) 8877679
Check: … p=272&xp1=

(Ate, mas mabuti sigurong sa TECO ka na lang magtanong kay sa dito… pwede ring sabihin mo sa magiging asawa mo na magtanong sa MECO: Good luck po!)