Can my child have dual nationality when she is born?

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I’m engaged to a Taiwanese woman and we have a daughter due in December this year. To make preparations for moving back to the UK eventually, I’m going to apply for her to get a British passport as I’m a British citizen myself and want to return with my wife and her eventually. That said I don’t want her to be torn between a Taiwanese mother and British father so I want her to have a Taiwanese passport too.

When she is born, can she apply for two passports without falling afoul of Taiwan’s law of having to renounce original citizenship?

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yes. A child of a Taiwanese mother or father is a born taiwanese, and can get a passport. If the mother or father has a hukou (~citizenship), the child can be registered in there too.

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Dual nationality in Taiwan is not a problem.

To avoid headache you should consider getting married (just on paper). Otherwise you will not be listed as father on the Taiwanese birth certificate.

Not sure how much runaround you have to do with British Embassy to prove you are the father if not listed on the birth certificate.

So I can just go ahead and apply for a UK passport no problem? Great! The embassy said I can apply for one as standard, without having to jump through awkward hoops or be ripped off.

Unfortunately I’m well aware of that, and I can’t get a CNI to marry because the embassy is useless. I’ve got a certificate of no record of marriage, which is on its way now and hopefully that’ll work.