Can my girlfriend claim my taxes for me while I am overseas?

I was just wondering if my Taiwanese girlfriend can claim my taxes on my behalf from my previous employer in Taiwan without me having to be in the country. I am in Australia at the moment so I can’t do it myself. I think I have read somewhere before that it is possible to get someone else to claim the taxes for you. My girlfriend who is in Taiwan called my old school and spoke to the accounts person who apparently said to her that I would have to do it myself. Is that right or is the accounts clerk just trying to stiff me for some reason?? If I was to fax some letter to my previous employer authorising my girlfriend to act on my behalf should that be sufficient??
Thanks for your help


She can file for you if she is in posession of your tax withholding statements. You need to fill out a “Proxy Statement” form and send it back to her bearing an original signature (they won’t accept a fax). You also need to supply a copy of the data page of your passport.
If you want her to be able to handle the check (they are by default stamped A/C payee only), you will need to sign another document called an “Application for Transferring Check”. She can then deposit the check into her own bank account to forward the refund to you.
The “Proxy Statement” and “Application for Transferring Check” (if necessary) should be attached to the income tax return along with your withholding slips(s) and passport photocopy.
Your gf can then file for you as if you were filing yourself.

Thanks very much for your help Monkey I appreciate it.