Can my Taiwanese girlfriend stay in the US for six months?

My parents just invited my girlfriend and I to come home for Christmas and stay until my cousin’s wedding in April. My girlfriend’s looking at what she’ll need to do to be able to stay with us, and she’s saying that she’s allowed to stay for six months! That seems way too easy.

I should clarify that when she was planning on coming to the states a couple of years ago, she got a visa* that doesn’t expire until 2010. The trip fell through, but she still has the visa, obviously.

What exactly do I need to do if we do decide to go to the states from the end of December to April?

*it says visa “R” type “B1” class “B2.”

Visa from the USA is hard to get… they gotta get a B2 visitor’s visa which means you gotta prove you have a lot of ties to Taiwan to make sure she won’t overstay and become an illegal alien… you know like a job, house, schools… even then those visa officers will try and give you a hard time at the port of entry… You could marry your girlfriend and make her citizen but you and her will be questioned extensively to make sure you aren’t marrying her to give her a green card and she isn’t marrying you to get the green card…

If she already has the visa, I don’t see what the problem would be. But I’m no expert on US visas…

By the way (this sounds stupid) having a visa doesn’t mean that border officers have to let you pass! They can still find reasons to deny you like say if you had some wrong paperworks and they still deny you even if you got a visa. However I don’t know of any B-2 visa that lasts more than 6 months, unless its another type of visa (L1 or something)

Unlike other countries, US visitor visas often don’t have an explicit limit on the duration of stay. A visitor visa may allow UP TO a six month visit, but it is up to the immigration officer at the port of entry to determine the allowable duration of stay. Your girlfriend already has a visa, so the hardest hurdle is over. I would recommend that you both enter the US together and pass through immigration together. This will allow you to help answer any questions the immigration officer might have.

Some things to keep in mind during entry: You are not planning on getting married. She can possibly be denied entry if planning to get married if not using a fiancee visa. She has definite plans on when exactly she plans to leave. One of the things the officer will look for is whether she is trying to use a visitor visa to become an immigrant. The more definite her plans the better (e.g. she plans to go home on April 18th and has a return ticket on that date is better than oh sometime in April she will decided when she’ll go back and get a ticket then). Details on what she plans to do in the US and who will be supporting her (you? your parents? her own funds?) during the stay will also help.