Can my wfie accompany me to Taiwan as a resident?

I am contemplating moving to Taiwan to teach english. If I receive a working visa, is it possible for my wife, who is japanese, to receive a residents visa for the equivalent length of time? Are there are necessary conditions or restrictions?

Many thanks for any help.

Andrew Gardner

I do know that it is possible, but I’m not sure about the restrictions or rules. You’re best bet would be to contact the police staion and ask them what you need. Here’s a Direct line Try calling this guy… 02 2375 2105… it’s the number you call to make an appointment but you get a real person instead of the automated service (which I hate) who might be able to help or direct you. I do know people who have brought family over on their ARC, I’ve asked about it my self, and as long as it is a close relative (sibling, spouse, child, parent) and you can prove you have the means to support them, it is deffintly possible. :sunglasses: