Can new residents apply to work here?

Hello just want to ask if you are new here in taiwan, for resident, ,can i apply a work in here??? And where i could or should consult, if i want work in here, ?my husband is a taiwanese and i am a filipina,i want to go work so i can help my husban on our expenses,

#please help

yes, if your spouses is a Taiwanese citizen.

And where i could or should consult

Training and Employment Center, Bureau of Labor, Kaohsiung City Government

Do you have an ARC?


Yes i have my arc id,

Thnk you so much for the information, its really a huge help to me

I assumed you are in Kaohsiung because you originally posted in Kaohsiung forum. If you are not, you may go to Training and Employment Center, Bureau of Labor, in your location.

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yes i am living in siaogang kaohsiung ,

Can i ask if where is the exact location of the training center?? Thanknyou very much for the reply

In Chinese 捷西路300號, 大寮區, 高雄市 831


No. 300, Jiexi Road, Dailiao Disrict, Kaohsiung
in English.

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Thank you very much

Can i bring my son if i will go in there?? Because no one will take care of my son

To consult, I think yes.

If you are Christian (or even if not), this church might be some help.

Helping the New Immigrants Integrate into Taiwanese Culture Faster


Just brochure. Kaohsiung city government doesn’t have English page on their services for new immigrants…

thank you very much

I thought those on marriage based ARCs had full working rights automatically. Or by “apply to work” do you mean give out resumes and attend job interviews?

I think the OP wanted to confirm it.

I can apply work even if i still can’t talk, read or write in mandarin???