Can non-resident foreigners get the flu vaccine?

I’m looking to make a trip to the US for a little bit, and there’s quite a bit of news about the flu going around there, so would like to get a shot before heading over. Is it possible to get the flu vaccine in Taipei just by walking into a hospital and asking for it? Anyone know how much it would typically cost out of pocket without NHS?

Didn’t they just tell everyone they messed up really bad with this years flu vaccine totally getting the type wrong.

Don’t know but many of the Walgreens have them. Don’t think it,s expensive.

yes, and ask for the more expensive 4 strain version. most places might be out by now so call ahead first.


May be but a previously healthy woman in her 40s who went to the gym and kept fit died within 48 hours.

She never got a flu shot.

Even if the shot wasn’t perfect they help the body to train against the flu

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it is possible if the hospital still has the vaccine and the price may be about 500NTD, must be less than 1000NTD. As @gnaij said, most places don’t have it for self-pay (=low risk) patients.

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