Can one be "legally bonded" in Taiwan?

As the title asks, can one be “legally bonded” in Taiwan?

For example, if I wanted to bond myself for say 500,000NT how does one do that?
I tried to get info in a court house, but they just recommend I get insurance. If I get
a bond, I insure myself if I’m not mistaken. Am I right to understand that if I’m finished
with the bond, and there are no claims on me, I could “cash in” the bond.

If one can be “legally bonded” can someone else put a bond in your name and pay the
bond themselves?

I’m asking because I’ve read this in the forums here and I don’t understand the difference.

“… freezing someone’s assets is essentially depriving him, at least temporarily, of his private property. That’s a serious matter, and so you have to put a bond to do this.”