Can someone explain this accident to me?

Horrible. Brand new car, 2 months on the road from a rent a car. Family used it for 4 days. Driver says drive was stuck in forward. BTW neighbors in the area say this is not the first car that falls off.

not all of us read chinese. saw the vid, seems like a case of bad driving.

whats the aftermath? Any deaths? etc.

Literal reading of GPS?

It says they need to look into it, and that the car started sliding down the slope for unexplained reasons. The driver jumped out to try to physically stop it, but got his leg run over in the process. He was still able to help the other passengers get out.

Could the slope have been so slippery that the car was sliding down it even though it was in park?

Why would the driver drive down the ramp? Even if the car was stuck in drive you can still turn.

It’s not super clear, but zooming in, it still looks like the wheel is rotating.

It looks like there’s other parking spaces, so no clue.

Maybe he just pulled in thinking it was a spot, or to stop for a minute.

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It’s certainly a weird one. My money would be on GPS saying car park is here.

The English woman who does the Google maps directions. Her voice is so sexy. If she said drive down the ramp into the ocean, I would.


Would she sound like a Siren ? :wink:


But why would he jump out? Seems like he was perfectly able to hit the breaks and e brake.


It is very odd.

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Hmm, watching the video was a good idea :slight_smile: No clue. Happened really fast.

Perhaps it was stuck in drive. Since jumping out so quickly seems like something he was ready for. But why no e break?

Assuming he had his seat belt on, it’s surprising how quickly he managed to get out. If I were in a car with my family I’d like to think that jumping out wouldn’t be my immediate decision.

Imo, if driving into the side of the ramp was a accident and there’s nothing wrong with the car, most people would have froze and then try to stop their car from being ruined into the water.

How fast he got out to be seems to indicate he knew that’s the only option.

Option or choice?

Assuming there is something wrong with the car. I guess only choice. But even is the car is stuck in drive. One can always break…so what are the chances of the gear being stuck on drive and the breaks not working?

Was thinking the same thing…why not break. He avoided the lady on the other side luckily but then steered back into the water. Thise ramps can certainly be slippery but doesnt seem at all what happened. Probably just lack of critical thinking and driving ability…

Just rewatched it. Can see the lady with baby and a guy jumped out the other side. Clearly the driver told everyone to bail cause something was happening. Thats probably why he swerved left to let the right side passengers out without being crushed. If thats what happened he is a smart guy. I take back what i said, he must have had his head on straight to get them out so quick and run into the water after. Good job.

But this doesnt look good hahaha