Can Taiwan employers see your local salary history?

I’m thinking of taking an easy tech job since I’m bored and need to build local connections before I can buy local property, but it’s rather low pay they’re offering (70k TWD a month), whereas my last salary in the US was around 220k USD a year.

If I took this job would it backfire in any way, for example would future employers in Taiwan be able to see my salary history, and lowball me in the future if I look for a better tech job in Taiwan?

Why? And how is an easy low paid tech job going to help you?

It will help me to get a morgage to buy a house since that requires a local employer, a credit card, give me something to do, make some friends, maybe find a girlfriend, it will give me free bank transfers since there will be employer deposits going into my account, the tax bureau won’t constantly be on my case about why I’m in Taiwan, I could go on about the benefits

I think the highest paying job here in Taiwan I could get would be around 300k TWD a month but they’d expect you to work like a dog and it’s still peanuts compared to US salaries, so I’d rather take something super easy and relaxed

Taking a low paying job, as per your suggestions, Sounds reasonable as far as making things easy for the retarded ways of many systems here. But prepare yourself for the questions to follow on why you dont just make more money there and come here as an investor and buy a house and figure it out. Its actually insanely easy f or foreigners to come here and open shop and get an ARC now. Not perfect, but miles ahead of the oppression and red tape that used to exist.

I am not judging, you have your rights to privacy; however, if random internet people can see through your bullshit in just 2 posts, so can immigration. Even if you are legitmately asking ( of course you are :slight_smile: ), it doesnt look like it. i suggest working on your story to at least not appear so phishy. Regardless of your real situation, taiwan is a country of judgment, that’s advice i wish i got (or trusted) when i first landed.

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I don’t think an investor visa qualifies for mortgages, you need actual wages from a local employer. And the requirements and renewal isn’t exactly promising. If I invested 30mil NTD into government funds I’d lose out on 30mil in capital gains over five years. Also I’m not rich enough to just buy a Taipei property with all cash, I’m middle class by US standards.

I’m not even sure salary history is easily verifiable, considering many people just get paid under the table (so employers could avoid payroll tax or something). But I’m sure if you got a job, enrolled into laobao then they could possibly find out.

As a foreigner, presumably new here, you are most likely to get rejected regardless. Opening a company, investing in it, and moving forward is likely your go to.

In the case you are part of the flocks of younger taiwanese abroad moving back, it should be far easier for you.

But after a few years I should be able to get mortgages, credit lines, after 5 I’d have my APRC, possibly get married and settled down locally. Seems like an alright trade off for an easy engineering job where I’d have to put in maybe 2 hours work a day (and pretended to be a junior engineer).

For a new business - I don’t have a lot of motivations to start one right now

I’m not looking to join one of those fast paced tech startups, just give me a tech admin job at a hospital that’s behind the scenes, where the boss has no idea how tech works and you wouldn’t get fired unless committing some major HR violation

My guess is that your really dont know how taiwan culture works. If you expect any easy 2 hour workday and 80k a month you are part of an.illwgal operation or your family launders money through you.sorry, legitimate workwork here doesnt work that way.

This is why everyone opens their and controls the books. its the way of the world, and asia is famous i cant spell it out any more clear without breaking the rules. Simply open shop, and hire yourself as an emoloyee. this is legal and very common. How you run your books is, and shouldnt be shared publicly.


Don’t assume 70k TWD implies low stress. If you join a local company you will have to deal with the local work culture.

I’d recommend starting your own business or joining an international tech company if you can. I think you are less likely to be overworked at an international tech company.

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Adding to what DunderMiffin just said, even locals prefer working for a non-local company over a local company.

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