Can the Toayuan folk please get organizized?

I just drove into to Taipei tonight to have a beer or three and hopefully meet some people from forumosa… and…nothing…

I even stood on the steps of Carnegies and announced:


to naught

…(although the tall bartender is sweeeeeeet)

Can the Toayuan folk please get their collective shit together so I can have a beer in a relatively close place to home with good company?

selfishly yours


Unfortunately, the bars out here leave much to be desired. Although it is a real pain, I think the drive to Taipei is worth it to go to a real bar. That said, here is your standing invite to pm me anytime you want to come here and slum a little.


I have a backyard and a gas grill BBQ. better?

A million times better. Trust me.

Just a quick plug for the happy hour on Wednesday night, I’ll do it here as it seems this forum is a lot more popular than the Events forum.

The Taoyuan folks are getting their acts together…see this post.

I am trying to work it out with the wife.

Her first response was “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?”

Now I just get a glare.

I’m working for the “Just go.”

Wish me luck.