Can Triptorelin be acquired in Taiwan?

A friend of mine is FTM, and looking into Triptorelin (Brand names: Decapeptyl, Gonapeptyl) as an estrogen blocker. he is prepubescent and lives in Kaohsiung.
from my own research, androgen blockers such as Cypro can be found over the counter in Kaohsiung, but I have no information on the availability of Triptorelin. Is it sold in Taiwan, is it OTC, if not, what schedule, what price, ect.

Seems to be prescription only, pretty standard

Do you know of any antiestrogens that are available OTC, or really just any other antiestrogens than Triptorelin?

Couldn’t he just go to the doctor? It seems like this would be something to do under medical supervision anyway, since it appears to be administered by injection.

Or is it an age thing that makes visiting the doctor not possible? (You mentioned “prepubescent”, but I don’t know whether this has some special meaning in this context.)


He can’t be out to his parents yet, but wants to get blockers before puberty, to avoid the effects of estrogens on the body. with Taiwan lacking informed consent clinics, from what I know it’s difficult to get prescription meds without parents.

There is absolutely no way any doctor is going to give him anything here without parental consent, sorry :pensive: Testosterone can block estrogen on its own without anything else, but he’s too young for that. I would reach out to the local community, there seem to be a lot of Taiwanese FTM folk.

in other places, is it different for pre puberty kids?

Friends of mine in the US say that some informed consent clinics in the US don’t need parental consent

How exactly do I find the local community?

Maybe you could try searching on Facebook? There seem to be a few groups on there. I’d also be surprised if what you’re asking for is possible without parental consent, though.

Sorry my prevus reply was deleted due to looking like advocating illegal acts. I’ll try again… sorry for that, it was not my intention. Quite the opposite, actually.

I doubt Cypro is non-prescription in Taiwan. It seems the Taiwan FDA has several concerns, and this page clearly states it must be prescribed.

The FDA seemingly has no info about Triptorelin. I tried that name, as well as brand names I found for it on Wikipedia. Maybe you have more luck using other brand names…

It seems to be generally available though,see for example this link for a clinic mentioning it.

My suggestion would be to also talk to a doctor, besides the great hint above to talk to people in the community. Maybe you could ask a doctor instead of him, if you’re afraid they might contact his parents. Even if a doctor might not be able to help your friend without the parents consent, maybe they can give advice for possible legal and safe ways out of this dilemma.

I hope your friend can handle their situation while being aware if the risks, and manages to avoid self medication.


I’m seeing a doctor soon, so I will hopefully be able to get some questions answered then. Also, I have successfully ordered Cypro from local pharmacies, so that’s a bit confusing. Thanks for the provided resources, I will do my best to find the local community for further advice.

What can be obtained from local pharmacies and what is legal are not always one and the same.

Long may this continue. I get a lot of meds from pharmacies here, all technically prescription meds, including hay fever and hypertension meds. It saves me a whole lot of wasted time in hospitals just to get repeat prescriptions.