Can we compare our internet connections ? Post your


I am fine with the wifi internet connection at the moment, even if … sometimes… it feels slow
Can we compare our results from, to give me a more global idea
Please post the printscreen of your test. Thanks in advance





edit: wait we talking about wifi or 4G?


Shouldn’t you guys be censoring your IP addresses? I know some of you guys don’t like it when the C-word is said but I think I have a good reason.






Why are you connected to a server in Amsterdam? VPN?


Here’s the test I ran when I changed plans in Dec for my fibre.


Thanks. done


Wow, my download speed is reeeeaaaallly slow compared to yours
No wonder I am losing patience sometimes


You get what you pay for. :blush:


Yup pretty much, quite lucky that my fibre line is decent. If you get one of the fttx plans, they will come test your line to make sure its capable of the speeds you’re paying for.


You are all making me cry…

Home fibre.


Well, I am not directly paying for it
It’s part of the rent
It’s the wifi in my rented workplace
I will deal with it
Not planning to invest for better connection
Thanks for your contribution

And… yeah, very impressed with your numbers !


Are you in Bangladesh or something?




Wise using kbps, makes you look like an advanced alien technology haha.

What does ping mean and do though? I get size per second, but that’s about as far as I comprehend.