Can we compare our internet connections ? Post your


How long it takes to get a response when you send out a request.


If you are playing an online video game and shoot, if you have a 300 ping your bullets will be delayed 300 milliseconds. It often feels more like 3 seconds though.

If you ping is 10-30ms, you will get a much better response and feel when playing.


Connecting to a EU server from Asia will mean you have a trash ping. Takes a long time to send info to their server and get a response from it compared to playing on an Asian server.


My home WiFi and 3G (yes, 3G) results are both abysmal. My wife shopped for both plans, soooo…




Yes, thank you for that. Is that at least a step up from being questioned as to whether I live in Bangladesh?


3G is getting phased out. You should probably upgrade it.


Yeah, I know. We plan to do so.


That 300/100 not available in my area yet, soon though, soooooooon. This is better than what my mate in sydney gets on his 100/40,usually he hits a max of 75 or so during the day, he also pays about 3x more and has a download/upload limit and peak hours and all that garbage. Unlimited4life!


Wired connection to PC.