Can we send masks abroad yet?

I heard that there were restrictions up until 30th April, have these stopped now or have they been extended?

Is it easy and legal for foreigners to send a small number of masks abroad yet?

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I tried last week but I was told only Taiwanese are allowed to send masks to their relatives abroad.

I have a brother in New York City who needs masks about a thousand times as much as I do. I really wish I could send him most of mine. It’s frustrating that some greedy Chinese hoarders had to ruin it for everyone else (as usual).


It is until 30th June.

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Are you saying you can’t send masks to the Taiwanese student who is living at your brother’s house? I would think that the address/name in Chinese writing and “I love Taiwan” stickers all over the box you want to send them in wouldn’t be scrutinized that much?


No, you can’t do that. You need the Taiwanese ID number and it has to match. I’m sure they have a database


If it was that simple to game the system, everyone would do it.


What’s the penalty?

The masks are confiscated. And could be fined up to 3 times the price.


So glad my buddies and brother heeded my panic warning back in Feb.

I wonder how they would notice if a few masks were slipped into an envelope with a letter attached. Unless they are somehow scrutinizing all outgoing letters.

The restrictions are ridiculous to apply to foreign residents imo and I encourage anyone upset about it to contact

and fill out the form to complain

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Even if you could mail them, not much is getting delivered right now.

I mailed a package a month ago. It is still sitting in Taiwan. Got an update a week ago, tracking saying it would ship May 1st. Today tracking says it won’t ship until the 5th of May.

I called and was told there are too few planes leaving Taiwan.

I also ordered a package from the US a month ago. It has been sitting in Chicago for weeks. Same response…not enough planes flying now.

International delivery has pretty much come to a halt.


They did check my package at DHL before sending it.

Post Office asked me to open my box and show the contents before they would accept it.

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I was thinking letter mail. And stuck in a mailbox. You are right though, I’ve never been able to mail a package here without it being checked my the local post office. DHL even insisted once on looking over the contents of a letter envelope.

Send your wife/husband in to do it. If they look the part, i.e. Asian, you’ll be fine.

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There really are few planes flying
SFO is so empty
Strangely many flights still coming from
And I saw on radar 24 an EVA 777 and a Ci 777 come in

Think they still have one flight daily to SFO
not sure if EVA still have three daily to SFO.

Think the crews have to sit in their hotel rooms for two weeks without leaving the rooms
And upon return to Taiwan have to have home quarantine for two weeks

Can’t have too many flights with those restrictions

Must be a bummer for the crew too

Fly all the way to the USA can’t do anything but sit in the room for two weeks then fly back to stay at home for two more

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Ya postal service is way down. As a foreigner have sent many masks abroad but live in a rural area and have gkid relation with post office. They know not to ask anymore. I suspect people having issues are tourists and people in cities where the post office actually does their job (like mandatry masks or a fine). Here it doesnt often happen and the few that did started helping locals acxept parcel outside, take money, go in to do their job, and cone out with receipt and change.

In these areas have been sending masks but now due to little to no postal service to certain countries havent done so in a few weeks. Air cargo still works it seems but that might just be to certain countries. Has really messed up a number of small businesses relying on postal services.

Logically for $, the US and China are still a go. The least logical if you buy into their ccp virus narrative.

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Anybody sent masks here abroad, within Asia? Which courier did you use and is there a maximum limit?

No maximum.
Any maximum depends on how thick your wallet is.
I went with regular Taiwan Post. It got the job done significantly cheaper than parcel carriers like FedEx or DHL.

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