Can you answer this question?

Can anyone answer this question? :slight_smile:

I just did, didn’t I? What’s the matter with you?

Ah, but are you sure that it is the RIGHT answer?
Perhaps I should rephrase the question:

“What is the answer to this question?”

as usual, the answer depends on who’s in the room at the time…

Spack, this is a transparent attempt to collect karma points. Drop your pants and be paddled!

Isn’t the answer 42? Or was it 57? Or 38?

Twice a day.


I was framed, framed, I tell you. I didn’t do it, nobody saw me.

It was Hexuan.

Dude, where I come from, we’d call that a karma whore. What were the rules again? post 2, reply 1? anyway you ain’t gettin any from my reply!

You want to #%^% my %^&^ for how much?

Perhaps, but I’m not sure if anyone can question the answer.

Is this an attempt at one of those questions games? Has anyone seen a movie “Rosencranzt and Guildenstern are Dead”?

Maybe it’s a red cow in een blauw onderbroek riding ein Gelbes Fahrad.

[quote]Ok, now that we are talking about karma.

I’m going to organize a karma lottery.
A ticket will cost you 5 karma points to be deposited in my karma account.
Every week I will draw a winner. The winner will get 50% of the karma payed into my karma account that week.

40% will be deposited into the account of the “International Karma Fund” or short IKF.

10% will be used to cover the lottery costs.

The Ministery of Karma.[/quote]

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The answer to the question is: (drum roll please) what question?

In a word.

or two.

你甚麼意思? 是不是要欺負我們? 天阿! 神經病…

My Systran personal edition translated the above post as:

Your what meaning? Is not must bully us? Day Arab League! Mental illness…

Trying to get my money’s worth.