Can you believe that Nixon never really cared for Ronnie Reagan?

"President Nixon didn

Amazing,was anybody else aware of Nixons feelings towards Ronnie?

No, but I wonder what Reagan’s feeling were, really, toward cold awkward Tricky Dick?

And of course Nixon was a warm and cuddly bundle of joy, beloved by all. No wonder he hated evil, dark, twisted Ronnie.

I’m not suprised by these latest revelations. Nixon was not well liked during his presidency- even by his most loyal supporters in Congress such as Barry Goldwater. He used profane, racist language most of the time and distrusted everyone. However, who was the better president? Although a fan of neither, I would choose Nixon. His presidency has often been referred to as the “Imperial Presidency” meaning that secrecy and unchecked power permeated the executive. Despite my own dislike of Kissinger and Nixon, their belief that moral considerations should be excluded from foreign policy debate has influenced foreign policy to this day. Both men wielded enormous power. Reagan on the other hand, relied heavily on his advisors and needed cue cards most of the time. Washingington insider Clark Clifford was spot on when he called Reagan, “an amiable dunce.” In the post-cold war world, Reagan has often been credited for the collapse of communism etc. I for one do not believe this analysis. It would have died a natural death.

What planet is he living on?"
–President Mitterand of France poses this question about Reagan to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.