Can you confirm user exits?

Where did some of the users go? Can I get some ‘closure’ on the disappearances of some members? :slight_smile:

Where did they go?

A) Lager lout
B) Keiththehessite
C) Grubber Kick
D) Dirt Merchant

I have missed more, but did anyone notice these ships passing off slowly into the night, never to be heard of again?

Have you tried to PM them?

It would seem that the only way one could could confirm their exit is if one asks them directly - since they may not post, but they might still read or go to happy hours

Strange you’re asking Tom.

Lagerlout last posted Dec. 6. That’s not long considering it’s the holiday season.

Keiththehessite last posted july 17. Maybe he was busted for begging on the street and was deported. :wink:

Grubber Kick last posted Jan. 02. That’s only two weeks ago, I wouldn’t exactly call that a disappearence.

Dirt Merchant last posted Jan. 11, seven days ago.

I can think of many more posters who have not posted for a long time. Some come back, some don’t. Some people get busy. Some people move to a different country, some people…etc. I notice a whole lot of new posters as well. Some interesting ones too.

Of course, some people also leave because they are unhappy about the way the site is run or because of other controversy. I ran a business for 10 years and I can tell you that it was always good to have new regulars but we never kept them all happy.

The interesting thing is that according to statistics, in the service industry, it’s proven that the customers who complain the most avidly are also the most avid patrons.


You could check the log in list …

Dirt Merchant was due to leave Taiwan very soon if my memory serves me right however take belgian pie’s advice…

I am not sure they aren’t all incarnations of yourself. Why you looking and whadda ya want?



[quote=“chodofu”]I am not sure they aren’t all incarnations of yourself. Why you looking and whadda ya want?


Chou[/quote] You have to start remembering to take your medecine man, I think it’s happenning to you again. :stuck_out_tongue: