Can YOU do the Asian squat?

Here is a good resource:

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I didn’t know Spidey was Asian… :flushed:


No. I just can’t. It hurts my knees to even try.

While I technically can, I replied “no” as it is far too painful for me to ever do it.

I can only do it if there’s a wall behind me for support…

I can do it if there’s no other choice, but at my age I try to avoid the squat toilets as much as possible. Damn old knees.


Yeah, descending as far as the correct position is mostly fine. Ensuring that I stop moving at the correct position, rather than continuing until structural collapse, is another issue. And getting up is yet another issue again.


Could do it before ; not now for Steve4inLanguage reasons. Fine in toilets, but couldn’t hold it just sitting around. Had to use the cowboy squat, with heels up.

I can do it, but see absolutely no reason to.

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Do them locals all read English?

They don’t need to. The images are pretty much self-explanatory, no?

You would think.

If no other choice and I have to pee, got to squat …God help me…hurt both of knee’s.

some stores place their products close to the floor so yeah I think being able to do it is quite essential to survive here

I love the Asian squat.

:toilet: The Asian squat is not all about toilets. Even though it’s the most healthy position to accomplish a bowel movement.

:chair: Once you to settle in, it’s so good, it’s even hard to get up.

:moneybag: One time I did the Asian Squat and walked away with a new pair of nt$100 rubber slippers. Yes I paid for them, it was on the sidewalk in front of a night market shoe store.

:heart_eyes: Love it best when the girl I’m with is good at it.

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i can do it but i have yet to drop some heavy ones on a squatty potty. i managed to avoid it in china and i ain’t starting now i’m in the developed world.

i think a story a guy told me before i went to china made me avoid it all these years. he said he had to use one once, but due to his inexperience he shat all over his trousers.

as for the just squatting down in general i freaking hate it. its no way to sit. whether on the floor or on those naughty kid stools i can’t bare it for longer than 5 minutes.

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It’s a common yoga pose, even before doing yoga, I could do it. Now after a few years of yoga, I can do it reallllly easily and many other related poses and variations like chair pose, toe stands, etc etc.

I think it’s a bit sad that some people (Westerners or otherwise) can’t do it, as it only takes a pretty basic level of hip and ankle flexibility. Yoga in general is very good for building flexibility not only in those parts of the body, but everywhere.

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Yeah, it’s really not hard. Compared to some other yoga poses, which are excruciating to hold.