Can You Earn Money From Memes?

We’ve all seen that viral meme (in all of its variations) of the fools screaming at a cat, right?
And the “grumpy cat” thing. They must have billions of shares and likes on social media.
Is there any payback for the cats and their people who posted it, initially?

Not directly. But indirectly, yes.

Do you remember the crazy eHarmony cat lady? That viral video jumpstarted her acting career.

She never became a big-name actress… but she appeared in far more movies after her viral video.

So, can memes help you pick up a few side gigs? Yes. But can they make you rich? No.

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The Technoviking got paid off like 10,000 euros or something

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Grumpy cat died on May 14, 2019. R.I.P.

The owners made a good chunk of money.

I don’t know how easy you can earn money with meme without getting people to click on something. Usually get passed around all over the place and only occasionally link back to the site trying to get clicks.

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