Can you file a divorce Agreement in English?

I would like to have a US lawyer draft a divorce agreement that is used in Taiwan. Is there any problem with doing this? Do I have to provide a Chinese translation as well or will the English original be accepted?

I don’t know about divorce in particular, but I can tell you what I do know: on the one hand, different government offices have different requirements that are interpreted differently by different people, so it may be possible to accomplish what you want using an English document in these modern times; on the other hand, you don’t want to end up in court arguing about whether or not the other party understood every word of your barbarian language document when signing it, because you could get burned by the provisions of the Civil Code for nullifying juridical acts.

The only safe way to do it is to get everything in Chinese, from a translator you trust, after ensuring that your barbarian lawyer understands how non-barbarian law regulates divorce, related issues like inheritance, and juridical acts in general. If you want both versions to be equally valid, you should be able to get the translation notarized at a non-barbarian court by presenting it along with the original.