Can you get deported for syphilis in Taiwan?

Hey, I want to get an STD screening done at some point, is it possible to get deported for having syphilis in Taiwan? I know they lifted the rules for HIV deportation, just wondered if anyone new what the situation is for syphilis. Thanks

The short is answer is no.

The long answer is that you may be disqualified from applying for residence or permanent residence as a positive syphilis result can cause you to fail the required health exam. There are many exceptions and it all comes down to your residence purpose. In case one does need a health exam and fails it due to syphilis, then one can think of it as a passive-aggressive way to get rid of foreigners without the nasty word “deportation.”

The agency determining which health conditions are to be included in the exam is the CDC. The latest health exam specifications for the purpose of residence (居留或定居健康檢查項目表) do include a test for syphilis and only persons under the age of 15 are exempted.

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Thanks for your response. I don’t take health checks here, don’t need it for my job. Not looking for permanent residency any time soon so I guess I’m good to go.

Since you are concerned, you should get yourself checked anyway.
I don’t know where, but some people here probably know a place you can go without leaving your name/credentials.

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