Can you hear my track?

If you enjoy some electronica, I’d be pleased to receive any constructive feedback on my track streamed at the link above. The track itself “103” fused an acid lead, funked up bassline and classical piano loop at 128 bpm. It was done using the Reason application.

Also, by listening to it, you will help me climb their MP3 charts gaining more exposure. shameless plug yes but this is an excellent site full of musicians streaming their own music in all different genres. If you’re a music lover u should find it interesting.


Hi viba,

I listened to it and am listening to it again as I type. I like it. When I finally get an MP3 player this track will be on it.

Arghhh…I can’t remember which other song it sounds like but it reminds me of another really popular song I’ve heard. I wonder if it’s a track called “Till I Come” or something?

I kind of expected more to happen two minutes or so into it, so that’s the only criticism I can make.

This is definitely the type of track I’ll be playing on my next drive up to Whistler.

It’s a great track! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks for your comments. They can be helpful when one is making music alone. I was happy with the break in the song and then the build up but the second peak didn’t quite get to the height I had wished for but overall I was pleased with the outcome.

I’m working on my next track “Fanfare for the modern man”. It has more sophisticated production and I’m quite excited about it also.

I’ll post a free stream here when Im done.

Thanks again