Can You Help Cover Me at AnimalsTaiwan While I Recharge?

Hello there!

After two and a half years of endless hours each day of cleaning up dog poop, chasing animals through jungle and back alleys, driving incessantly, getting bitten and scratched, burying good friends, and trapping cats throughout the nights, I am finally taking a short (two-week) holiday to recharge my batteries.

While representing Animals Taiwan at the Asia for Animals conference in Singapore a couple of years ago (kindly sponsored by you lovely Forumosans), I was lucky enough to meet some lovely people who run PhaNgan Animal Care. Involved in much the same work, we got on like a kennel on fire, and I was invited to pay a visit whenever I had the chance. Well, that time has come, and I would love to take a busman’s holiday helping out at PhaNgan Animal Care and learning how they manage to do things so well there. But, to do that, I need to find cover while I’m away.

If you can help this tired old man to take a much needed break in a very relaxing part of the world whilst also helping a few needy animals in the process, I would greatly appreciate it. I leave the evening of June 19th (Tue) and rturn the evening of July 2nd (Mon). The evenings should be covered by the lovely ladies at Raw Animals Taiwan and two of our wonderful key members (who I haven’t approached yet). What I need most are people to come and help out at the holding centre during the daytimes, 10 am to 4 pm roughly. We have a lovely member of staff, Rita, who will be working most of the days, but I couldn’t relax knowing that she would be stuck on her own on most days, so it’s essential I have volunteers to help her every day during those two weeks.

The work is not easy. It’s hot, sticky, smelly, and frustrating at times. The dogs need feeding, washing, and walking; the rooms need cleaning; and there are plenty of odd jobs that have been forever awaiting my attention. Occasionally, an animal will need to be taken to the vet, and maybe a rescue or two may need to be attempted. Certainly, it would be great if we had someone to drive on most days.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I need to explain, but I’ll do that later, as I have to go and CNR some cats in the ShiDa area now. I’ll add more as I remember it.

Please, if you can help, you’ll find it to be the most rewarding way you could spend your spare time. It helps the dogs and cats in our care, it helps the wonderful Rita, and it helps me (and the people and animals at PhaNgan Animal Care). Let me know when you might be available. All I ask, for Rita’s sake mostly, is that, if you say you will come at a certain time, you stick to it, as our plans throughout the day will depend on knowing others will be coming to help.

If you enjoy the experience (and I’m sure you will), you might just like to help out more often, and we would gladly welcome you to the Animals Taiwan team.

I plan to come back from this trip refreshed and revitalized and armed with all the knowledge and experience I need to take Animals Taiwan into the next phase of its growth, and continue our mission to make a difference to the lives of the vast number of needy animals on this island. Thank you for helping me do that.

Feel free to call me for more information: 0920 620 109. Or, drop me an email and I’ll send you more details as well as a schedule of when you could help: sean [at] animalstaiwan [dot] org.

In anticipation: Thank you, thank you, thank you! :notworthy:

Sean McCormack
Founder and Rescue Manager

I’ll help, I’m free during the day. I can supervise the hamster section for you.

Thanks, Fluffy.

We’ll be drawing up a rota, as we need to fill definite time slots. If you could also expand your offer to other fluffy animals, that would be great. :wink:


I suppose my skills would also work with guinea pigs.

(Walking and feeding cats and dogs goes without saying…)

I was on Koh Samui about a month ago, and we visited another organization who were actively involved in getting the ball rolling on Koh PhaNgan. Much the same as PhaNgan, they have never once refused to rescue an animal, nor to treat an animal, free of charge, regardless if it’s a stray animal, a feral animal, and even owned pets by local residents. Yes, they offer free veterinarian consultation, treatment, and neutering for any pet owners island-wide. Very impressive considering they have been operating for nearly a decade. They do 6 castrations daily, and they care for over 250 animals on a regular basis.

They reduced the amount of stray dogs so much during their first five years through CNR, that the cat population exploded, and they ended up changing their names to Koh Samui Cats & Dogs because they now have to work on controlling the cat population, too.

Both Islands are only a thirty minutes ferry ride apart. It’s nice there, and I’m sure you’ll have a good time. These folks do an outstanding job. Quite different than what AT does when it comes to certain policies, but then again, quite a different setting as well seeing that they are located in a top tourist destination.

It was great to meet these folks, and we learned quite few things from them. Just fantastic people. If you find time to make your way to the Koh Samui, go pay them a visit, too. They have two locations, and working on opening a third one soon.

You are heading there for rainy season, but hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Have a great trip, and get some rest. You really deserve it.

So you’ll be in Singapore “recharging your batteries”? I thought the British expression was “shagging”.

You requested the 19th, sunday the 17th would work better for me Sean. Can you also provide your address here? Remember last time, ha.

Actually, I’m leaving on the 19th now and back 2nd.

I’ll PM you the address; if you can help, please call Rita on 0911 205 356.


We have you covered Sean. Enjoy the holiday, you deserve it.

Who knows AT’s dogs fairly well, can handle them and has some time in the evening of tomorrow (Thursday June 28th) and/or Monday (July 2nd). Can you PLEASE lend a hand? PM me for details. THANKS!